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The Creatrix

Jen Sharples biting into an apple

Hey! I'm Jen. I am an intuitive Soul, writer, Magick-maker, lover of nature and space, and a 3/5 Emotional Authority Manifesting Generator. My Sun is in Sagittarius, my Rising is in Libra, and my Moon is in Pisces. 

Spending time with my familiar, Gizmo, playing with candles, hanging out with those I love, and eating all the yummy foods are at the top of my to-do list. And yes, one of my all-time favorite Fall things to do is go apple and pumpkin picking.  ;)

I love to learn, experience, and share the wisdom gained! Let's chat about Human Design, herbalism, Celtic Shamanism, and all the different ways to practice divination.


At 16 I was first introduced to the Tarot. But it would take another 12 years before I realized I was meant to help guide people on their spiritual path via divination. Fast forward another decade and I have collected many decks and have finally decided to create my own.

Tarot and Oracle cards have helped me tremendously. Throughout the process of healing, I’ve recognized that there is no one correct path to take. Every one of us is on a journey. My spiritual journey is ever evolving, and I am always finding something new to learn. But if there was ever one thing that has stayed with me it’s my belief in magic. I truly believe magic is real and everywhere. Most notably, within nature itself. Over the years I have discovered that connecting with nature is healing, grounding, inspirational, and informational on so many levels.

And so the Natural Enchantments Oracle deck was created.


Take a look around this site and get a feel for my energy. If you decide to book a reading, I thank you in advance! I offer readings because I genuinely love helping and guiding people. So, thank you for allowing me this opportunity to serve you. Enjoy!

Want to schedule a reading with me?

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