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My wish for you is that you remember that you are on your own journey. It does not matter what path you’re on. Whether you’re a practicing Buddhist, Witch, Shaman, Atheist, or merely someone who is just curious, use this deck as you wish.


The Natural Enchantments Oracle deck is based off of the seasons, takes numerology into account, and contains 52 images of what Mother Gaia provides us. It is accompanied by a guidebook and it is meant to help you explore and connect to the wisdom found in nature.


If you find yourself drawn to using the enchantments as incantations in your witchy work, beautiful! If you feel you would rather use those enchantments or descriptions as mantras or affirmations, perfect! Or maybe you feel you’re meant to be guided only by the descriptions and images of each card, that’s awesome, too! There’s magic in the messages. Simply take what resonates and leave the rest.

And it does not matter if this deck was gifted to you or if you bought it for yourself. If you find this deck in your hands, know that it was meant to be there. The Universe has sent a message. It’s time to discover the magic within and around you. Enjoy!

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